Crayons De Golf – French Golf Pencils At Staples?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 2nd, 2011
Categories: Golf AccessoriesMiscellaneous

Valuable trade secrets about to be revealed here… One way to get a lot of free golf in, is become best buds with the director of golf at your home course.  Wondering how this leads to French golf pencils at Staples?

“Crayons De Golf”

The other day I stopped by the course to chat with my director of golf buddy.  We decided to run a quick errand for the course, along with grabbing lunch.  The course had run out of golf pencils and he needed to get some.  Somehow he knew that the local Staples had golf pencils.  I thought that was quite entertaining, and was even more entertained when I learned that the pencils were French.

French Golf Pencils

Oui Oui! Crayons De Golf!

So if you golf pros or merchandise guys out there are freaking out because somehow you’ve run out of pencils at your local course, you know you can pick up some “crayons de golf” at the local Staples.

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