Bugle Long Life Tee

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 27th, 2011
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Bugle Tee

Bugle Tee - click for more

I’m in a tee’d off mood this week, with my 2nd golf tee review in a row!  Today I’m talking about the Bugle Long Life Tee.


Bugle Tee is a two piece tee which has a hard plastic tip on the ground end, and a soft, flexible rubber top.  The shape of the flexible rubber is obviously where the Bugle Tee gets its name.


The first advantage, and perhaps most valuable to me, is the ability to tee the ball at a consistent height.  This is achieved via a circular stopper at the ground level of the tee.

A 2nd advantage is how solidly the ball stays on the tee.  This one would be great for extremely windy conditions when it is hard to keep it on the tee.  The width of the tee’s top is excellent for those who may have a bit of a shake in their hand and find it hard to get a ball on the tee.

Perhaps the best advantage, is that a donation is made to charity for each tee sold.  Each different tee color purchased results in a different charity donation, like pink tees for breast cancer research (National Breast Cancer Foundation).  Well played.

Bugle Tees are durable. In fact, if you break one, they’ll replace it for free.

Bugle Tee

Bugle Tees come in two lengths, 8 colors - click to see more

Colors and Sizes

Bugle Long Life Tees come in two lengths, 2.75 inch (pictured in white) and 3.25 inch (pictured in orange).  Individual tees can be purchased, or there’s a twin pack option as well.

There are eight Bugle Tee colors available.

Bugle Tees can be customized with printing of your choice, with a minimum order.


I’ve used my Bugles dozens of times and love having the ball teed at the same level every time. Not only is the tee useful and durable, it is FUN!

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