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Drive Tee

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
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Drive Tee

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The Drive Tee is a golf tee engineered by Mike Cutino.  His idea was to create a tee which allows the player to achieve a more consistent ball height.  If the player can more consistently tee the ball at the same height, he or she can groove the bottom of the swing and make more solid and consistent contact.


Drive Tees come in a retail set which includes seven total tees of three varying heights.  There are three separate heights to accommodate the different clubs one might tee off with, drivers, hybrids/fairways and irons.  The shortest tee height puts the ball about 5/16ths of an inch above the ground.  The middle tee height puts the ball about 1.25 inches off the ground and the longest 1.75 inches.

On The Course

Unless I’m trying to help ride a tail wind with my driver by hitting it really high, I don’t use the longest tee.  I find that the mid length is great for me.  So typically I have the two shorter tees in my pocket.  I use the short one for everything but driver.  And as advertised, it is nice to consistently tee them up the same height.

The tees are durable.  I’ve played several rounds with them and have yet to break one.


Because of the width of the horizontal disc in the middle of the tee, sometimes the tee can get a bit bulky in the pocket.  I ended up scraping the tip of the tee on the sidewalk to dull it a bit and prevent getting poked or poking a hole in my pocket.

Drive Tee

Drive Tee - click to magnify


The Drive Tee is available in three colors: white, green and pink.

Pricing is at $4.99 for a set which contains three long tees and two of both the middle and short length tees.


It certainly is a benefit to groove a feel for the ball height from the tee and the Drive Tee is perfect for that.

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