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World’s First Shark Infested Golf Course

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
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An interesting story I mentioned on the HOG Twitter a few days ago is making the rounds with the bigger news outlets like Reuters and Fox. Years ago a flood washed a bunch of 8-10 foot “man eating” bull sharks into a lake at the 14th hole of Carbrook Golf club in Brisbane, Australia. The water receded, leaving the sharks stranded in the lake. With plenty of fish in the lake to feed on, the sharks have thrived and even reproduced.

Golfers can see the fins of the sharks sticking up out of the water as they pass by and some even throw meat into the water to entice the sharks to the surface.

So the question is, would you reach into this lake to retrieve that expensive ProV1 golf ball?

Video Below – courtesy Fox News


One response to “World’s First Shark Infested Golf Course”

  1. Russel Smith says:

    Woah, I never thought that a “sharks-in-a-lake” golf course would be pretty popular. But I’m wondering why they didn’t remove them in the first place?