VIDEO: Tiger Woods targeted by crazy weiner lobbing fan

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 10th, 2011
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A boneheaded fan at the Open yesterday rushed the 7th green (Tiger’s 16th hole) when Tiger was putting. He yells “Tiger! Tiger!” while hucking a hot dog at him. The man even more strangely laid down on the ground, waiting to be arrested. No word as to whether or not the dog was properly appointed NYC style with mustard, or if it had other toppings.
Tiger Woods Hot Dog
The projectile weiner was reportedly taken into evidence by local police (above photo), who arrested the man. This is a prime candidate for the HOG Turkey Awards coming up at the end of November.

Tiger’s new caddie Joe LaCava apparently told the press the hot dog lobbing fan had a weak arm. I like this guy!

Video Below

“He was pretty far away from me, and you know… when he started making the commotion and the gallery started to kind of get into it, I could hear the security behind me. I was still bent over my putt. And when I looked up, the hot dog was already in the air.” ~Tiger Woods

4 responses to “VIDEO: Tiger Woods targeted by crazy weiner lobbing fan”

  1. Otto says:

    Was it the Maple kind?

  2. Golf Corners says:

    Does anyone know why the man chose a hot dog? I am missing the metaphor on this one… I could understand a hand full of poker chips or even a wad of singles, but a hot dog? Maybe someone should throw him a new swing.

  3. Matt Montgomery says:

    Whenever I see an incident like this I always think back to the Peter Jacobsen incident. Still the best ever.

  4. Matt I’m guessing you are referring to when Jacobsen tackled the streaker. Not sure what is more entertaining, the tackle itself or when Peter describes it and how he was trying to avoid touching the streaker’s private parts!