Mountain lion tracks in bunker

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 29th, 2011
Categories: Miscellaneous

Very neat natural variance in the greenside bunker today on the 1st hole at Mountain Dell Canyon Course.  There were hundreds of mountain lion tracks.


These mountain lion paw prints are about 4 inches wide. Here kitty kitty...

We figure overnight that the lion had chased a midnight snack around the bunker for a bit.  You know how kitties like to play with their prey for a while before the chow down on it.  Unfortunately my playing partner’s ball ended up in one of these tracks.  Bogey.

2 responses to “Mountain lion tracks in bunker”

  1. Lynn Peterson says:

    Pretty fancy litter box.

  2. liontrapper says:

    Hi there,
    That’s an exciting story, but you might want to consult a tracking guide. Its not only size that reveals who left the tracks. Generally, lion tracks have a “leading toe,” one toe that is further in front of the tracks than the others. Their toes are spread apart in an arc. While canines tend to have two toes in the front that line up, and two behind, like the ones in this photo. There are also differences in the foot pad and the general shape. In my humble (expert) opinion, these tracks were left by a big dog. This website provides some examples: