Bill Haas is the $11.4 million man, wins FedEx Cup and Tour Championship

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, September 26th, 2011
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Bill Haas - 2011 FedEx Cup Champion

Bill Haas - 2011 FedEx Cup Champion

Wow what a big payday for Bill Haas.  Never thought that I’d see someone win $5.4 million more in a golf tournament than what it took to make the Six Million Dollar Man better, stronger, faster…  Congrats to Bill Haas, one of the most consistent players all year on Tour.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to try and hit a golf shot or a putt with that much on the line.  I have a tough time making a good swing when I have a $2 nassau riding on it.

The Playoff

The playoff between Hunter Mahan and Bill Haas was highly entertaining.  Both player’s swings on the first playoff hole were shaky, but both made amazing up-and-down pars to extend the playoff.  Very clutch putts for both players.

Then there was the “$10 million shot.”  On the 2nd playoff hole, the par-4 17th, Haas found the fairway bunker and had an approach of 150 yards.  He tugged it just enough for it to hit the green but go over the green and down into the hazard left and deep.  But the ball was half exposed in the water, 10 feet below the surface of the green.  With his right foot submerged in the water, Haas opened up his wedge and hit one of the most amazing shots I’ve seen, especially with that much on the line.  The shot landed with amazing spin and zipped to a stop in easy par range.  Mahan might have already been counting is big prize before that…

The $10 million shot by Bill Haas

The $10 million shot by Bill Haas - click for more

So they go to a 3rd playoff hole, which is once again the tough par-3 18th.  This time Haas hits the back fringe instead of the grandstands, while Mahan finds the bunker again.  Mahan’s first bunker shot bit quickly, so this time you could tell he played the 2nd one to carry more.  But he overcooked it a bit, leaving a lengthy par putt, which he missed.  All Haas had to do was two putt from the back fringe to collect the largest purse in golf.

Final Thoughts

Very happy for Haas.  I don’t know if the average Joe who watches perhaps a major or two even knows who Bill Haas is, and Haas isn’t exactly marketing pony like Tiger or Phil.  I wonder what the final broadcast numbers will be.

This marks the end of the primary PGA Tour season, sadly.  There are still some fall series events, and Tiger Woods is teeing it up at the event.  But the pro golf world will be winding down and winter snow will be flying here before too long.  Boo.  But there is the Presidents Cup coming up, which will be fun to watch.

3 responses to “Bill Haas is the $11.4 million man, wins FedEx Cup and Tour Championship”

  1. Springfield artificial golf greens says:

    Congrats to Haas! That shot from the water was nothing short of amazing.

  2. jenny@golf resorts arizona says:

    He deserves that win because he played it at his best.

  3. golfworld118 says:

    The shot from the water might be the highlight of this season. He would be happy even if he did not get the award because he did his best to finish the game. Very happy.





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