A fly’s eye view of the new Pure Shot Driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
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There’s a new golf training aid out there to help you hit your driver on the sweet spot called the Pure Shot Driver. It works sort of like the Tour Striker, with a small sweet spot and surrounding area which deflects shots drastically.

Power Shot Driver

The new Pure Shot Driver really flies - click to zoom

This baby really flies.  Really… Click to zoom and you’ll see what I mean.  I’ll be testing this baby soon, so stay tuned.

3 responses to “A fly’s eye view of the new Pure Shot Driver”

  1. Pearce Bley says:

    I’m not necessarily sure what the implications of this new training tool will be yet for the game of golf. I’d like to think that it is indeed “revolutionary” and will help those of us who don’t hit in the sweet spot every drive to do so. However, as is the case with all swing improvement tools, the goal is for the manufacturer and seller to turn a profit. What looks good on an advertisement, even if it is sponsored by professionals, may not always equate to lower scores for amateurs.

    As a personal example, I tend to slice the ball due to my club head striking the ball with the face slightly open. I don’t think in this situation that this new product would help me. Hitting it in the sweet spot every time would certainly help how far I am hitting it but it will slice every time until I figure out how to fix the angle of my club head through impact.

  2. Well said Pearce. Hitting the center of the club face will produce more distance and consistency. But you are right. You can still hit the center of the club face with an open or closed face. This unit won’t directly fix that, but may help you feel the position of the club face better at impact. I’ll know more when I actually hit the club so stay tuned.

  3. GolfWorld118 says:

    This driver looks cute, like some kind of auto bots. Bley has said it all. I was wondering if you test this baby and find it good for practising, do you think will it be mass-produced and popular in the market?





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