Support the Golf 9/12 initiative

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 8th, 2011
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Golf 9/12I’ve been wearing a new wrist band lately.  This one isn’t guaranteed to keep me from losing my balance and doesn’t necessarily translate positive ions to negate the bad negative ions, or increase my brain activity (though I could really use some increased brain activity).  It simply serves as a symbol of my support of the Golf 9/12 project, an initiative which is raising money for educational programs at the Pentagon Memorial, the 9/11 Memorial and the Flight 93 Memorial through a country wide golf tournament.

Golf 9/12 is a simultaneously played multi-course golf tournament aimed at uniting our nation through the opportunity to reflect on the shared spirit of unity felt on September 12, 2001.

With the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 coming up in a couple of days, the 9/12 initiative is a great way of mixing golf with a great charitable cause.

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2 responses to “Support the Golf 9/12 initiative”

  1. tom velarde says:

    thanks Tony love your page did not know i was not registered HOG is my new must read

  2. Tyler Ryne says:

    Interesting news. Is this the first 9/11 anniversary that they’re doing this?