To whoever stole that Mizuno MP T-11 wedge

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 26th, 2011
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I brought out a new Mizuno MP T-11 wedge, courtesy of Mizuno, to the range on Monday to shoot some pictures of it and start my evaluation out for an upcoming review here on HOG.  What do you know?  Someone stole it before I’d even had the chance to take the shrink wrap off of the head.  They must have grabbed it when I’d walked down a few stalls to talk to a couple of buddies who were on the range.

Memo to whoever stole that wedge

Karma and the golf gods will have their way with you.  I bet you start suffering from the yips and shanks.  You will be getting bad breaks on the course from this point on, because you deserve it.

2 responses to “To whoever stole that Mizuno MP T-11 wedge”

  1. John Duval says:

    So let’s invent a golf low-jack device that fits under the grip at the top of the shaft so we can track this idiot back to his house and hit 2-iron stingers through his windows until he gives it back.

  2. David Sowards says:

    Tony, The idiot that stole your wedge is the same joker that improves his lie in the semi-rough when his playing partners are not looking, gives himself that short 5 foot put to shoot his best round, and manages to slip out the back door of the clubhouse when he should be buying the drinks in the bar for his lost bets. No place for this kind of leach in golf. If John Duval finds him, I hope he sends out the address and time as I have a 2-iron I am itching to hit!