Do you understand the FedEx Cup system?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
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FedEx Cup LogoIn an attempt to keep big name players playing after the final major and keep up fan interest/ratings, the PGA Tour created the FedEx Cup playoff system a few years ago.  It wasn’t perfect and they tweaked the system for a while.  I’m all for having more high level golf available to consume as a fan, and however they need to do it is fine with me.

I’m very curious to find out if HOG readers understand the FedEx Cup.  Quite simply I’d like to ask that very question, which is now a poll question in the upper left column here on HOG.  Please vote, and comment in below if you’d like a little more input.


3 responses to “Do you understand the FedEx Cup system?”

  1. Court says:

    What’s so difficult to understand ? You earn points – points add up – the 125 with the most points get into the playoffs – then the top 100 – then 70 – then 30 – then one.

    Most people make the mistake of not separating the Tour Championship from the FEC.

  2. Gareth @ Beginners Golf says:

    Hmm its not diffcult as Court has just said but I think its difficult for the “casual golf fan” to understand.
    As for the Fedex cup I am glad it was introduced sure its not a Major but it is exciting at the same time.

  3. Britgolf says:

    The Tour Championship being the final leg of the FEC, does confuse the issue. The general hype all season does place more emphasis on the overall FEC outcome.
    The fact that the Tour Championship winner doesn’t neccessarily lift the Fed Ex Cup leaves it down to which of the top few coming into the championship who plays the least worst wins the FEC!