2011 Fantasy Golf – Summer Segment Winner

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, August 22nd, 2011
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sumi-g shag bag

Beautiful Sumi-G Shag Bag for Summer segment winner! Click image for more Sumi-G products

Congratulations to the skilled fantasy golf player and fellow golf blogger “Golf Grouch” for piling up $16,441,255 in earnings and winning the Summer segment of HOG Space Fantasy Golf.

Sumi-G Shag Bag

For the great performance, Grouchy will be the winner of a magnificent Sumi-G Shag Bag. This bag is unbelievable. There isn’t a shag bag on this planet, or many other planets, which comes close to as sharp, elegant and functional.

Four more segments

There are FIVE segments to our fantasy league. Segment four is now beginning and will include another great golf prize. It isn’t too late to sign up for free and play fantasy golf for some great prizes. Click here or more information or to join the league.


2011 HOG Space fantasy golf sponsors who are providing prizes:

Nike Golf (VR Pro driver)
Bridgestone Golf (e5 golf balls)
FootJoy (pair of MyJoys and an FJ Layer System)
Frogger Golf (golf accessories)
Sumi-G (shag bags)
Tattoo Golf (golf accessories)
Tornado Tees (really cool golf tees)
Hooked On Golf Blog (HOG/TGS hats)
The Golf Space (HOG/TGS hats)

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