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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 5th, 2011
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I’m not sure how many club and cigar holders there are out there, but there are quite a few.  Someone may need to invent a club/cigar holder holder.

Caddie Clip

Caddie Clip is a fun cigar/club holder to join the fray.  This clip is stuck into the ground or a golf cart tee holder by the bottom section of the unit which is shaped like a golf tee.

Caddie Clip

The fun Caddie Clip keeps club grips dry and stogies fresh. Click for larger image.

A spring loaded clamp holds the club or cigar above the grass to keep the grip dry, or prevent that beloved stogie from picking up pesticides and fertilizer from touching the ground.

When not in use, the tee spins around and the unit folds into a more compact shape for storage.

Colors and Options

The Caddie Clip is available in four colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Red.

Single units are priced at $4.99 and a 4 Pack is priced at $17.99.


I’m sure that custom logo is a possibility with this unit, as the logo on the sides of the ball is simply a sticker.

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  3. PGAGolfLessons says:

    I actually played golf with one of the members at my club that had one of these! He likes to play golf early in the morning and is a pretty avid cigar smoker, so this product worked out pretty well for him. I made a comment about it and he went on and on about it for the entire hole. It seems pretty well made and durable, plus it does its job perfectly of holding your grip or cigar above the dew on the grass while putting. Pretty solid product, much easier than trying to balance your club on a tee or divot tool stuck into the ground. Worth the 5 bucks.





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