A Tiger Woods comeback isn’t determined by one swing, one hole, one round or one tournament

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 5th, 2011
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Tiger WoodsIf you were to closely follow the twitters of golf fans, golf writers and golf bloggers like I do, you might be a little dizzy right now.  It seems that most of these people base Tiger Woods’s comeback on one swing, one hole or one round.

For instance, today Woods has just finished his first nine, the back at Firestone at even par for the day and still -2 for the WGC event.  As of his bogey on hole #14, his 5th, writers were saying that the comeback was “off” and confirmed it when he bogeyed the next hole.  Then a bounce back birdie happens on the 16th hole, his 7th of the day, and they say the comeback is back “on.”  Another birdie confirms that it is on, I’m sure at least until such time as another bogey is made and then the comeback will once again be off.

A “comeback” isn’t determined by one swing, one hole, one round, one tournament

I know these people (golf media) are excited because their gravy train is back on the train tracks for now, but I really have to say that a comeback isn’t determined by such a small set of events like a hole or two, a round or even one tournament.  Hell, even if Tiger won this week, I wouldn’t say his “comeback” was complete.  A full comeback for a player of this level, in my opinion, would have to be determined by many tournaments, a longer season and performance in major championships.

Thoughts On Tiger’s Swing So Far

I watched most of Tiger’s round yesterday and have watched his interviews this week.  I admit that a few weeks ago I thought he was done for the year and that his injuries were more serious.  But after watching this week so far, I think things look pretty good for TW.  He’s not going full torque on the knee, and not bringing the club back quite all the way sometimes.  The swing looks more controlled and balanced.

Tiger also is wearing new Nike FREE shoes.  This marks the first time he has worn any kind of golf shoe which does not have metal spikes.  I think this could help on the wear and tear of the knees, even if the shoes give a bit.  In the long run it will help his balance, a la Sam Snead playing in bare feet.

Time Will Tell

How things unfold over time will be the only way we can determine if Tiger is “back” and to what extent.  It will be interesting to watch.

Your opinions are welcomed.  Comment in below.

5 responses to “A Tiger Woods comeback isn’t determined by one swing, one hole, one round or one tournament”

  1. Jerry says:

    Good balanced report. But I say on an unbiased, call-it-like-it-is manner that this one is different. He looks 5 yrs younger. The stress is gone. His swing and body are back. He is 2 under on 10% of the practice he got before Augusta. I predict a win this year–maybe next week.

  2. Interesting observation Jerry. Something does look “different” to me as well. The mind may be more clear now than it has been in a long time. Great point on the practice too. You’d think he will only improve given more time to prepare.

  3. Guy says:

    Tiger is frustrated…Big time. He is not use to answering questions after a round…the type of questions… He no longer controls the questions as much… Winning this year is a REAL long shot.. unless it is one with a weak field… Maybe next year Tiger… Will he become a David Duval ? A lot of Golf experts think so…. His mind is all fu….up.

  4. Jerry L. says:

    I agree with Tony a comeback is not based on a tournament. Everyone wants tiger to come in and birdie after birdie and if he doesn’t they say he’s not good. They have to give him a chance to get used to his new swing, which is more quite on the legs, and I have to say that his putting is better than it has been in a long time. He does better in majors. We’ll see how he does next week.

  5. martin says:

    He is clearly more relaxed to my eye as well. Jerry, however, you are getting a little ahead of yourself. You can say he looks 5 years younger, but in reality he is more like 5 years older than when he last won a major (3 years older, but wear and tear adding 2 more).

    He was ok through nearly 3 rounds at the masters until he slipped on the pine. Can he take a similar slip now? What if he missteps? His body is more fragile than most, his body is more susceptible to injury than most. I don’t think anyone can say how long it will last this time.

    Further, even if his mind gets back to 100%, one major factor won’t be coming back. The sheer terror of those who faced him is gone for good.

    Tony is right. this is stilliness to say whether the old tiger is back or not. Tiger is back – that is a fact, but until he wins, and probably wins more than once, then he is not back in the way everyone wants to mean that he is back.

    I don’t fault those reporters who are excited. Tiger being back means that they don’t have to wonder what the stories are, and things pretty much write themselves. It is so simple – just write Tiger blah de blah blah.

    Take a look at Golf Channel coverage on Thursday. Pathetic. Tiger on his way to T18 for the day, and Scott was a story, but how many shots did you see of Scott’s? It was wall to wall coverage of Tiger. swing. take off glove. wipe sweat. mark ball. pick nose. swing. Oh, and there’s Darrin Clarke. lets watch him work his way to 15 shots from the lead in one day. Anyone else has a day like Clarke’s and all you will see is a bogey or two on the highlights – but since Clarke was what Tiger was waiting on to do something else, we got to watch Clarke, instead of Scott or the others ahead of Tiger.





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