How much of the Tiger caddie drama is real, and how much is the media? And can the USA Today please spell check their headlines?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 22nd, 2011
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A billion golf web sites are talking about the Tiger Woods / Steve Williams drama, following Tiger’s announcement a couple of days ago that he let Williams go.  Williams has made some sour grapes comments on his web site and in some interviews, and hints of writing a book about his experiences as TW’s caddie.  None of this is unexpected and I really think Tiger has done Steve a favor by letting him go and allowing him the opportunity to get back to a paying gig.  Tiger may know he’s not returning for a while, and letting Steve hang that long with no work is not fair to him.  That’s one theory at least.

Another theory is that Tiger is simply cleaning house.  Not a bad plan really.  Start things fresh on many fronts.  I don’t think Tiger can clean house on the knee and start with a fresh one though.

Media feeding frenzy…

So the golf scribes and bloggers are all in a feeding frenzy, seemingly reading deeply into each word and extrapolating possibly more than there really is in the situation.  Time will tell if there’s more or not, but for now the media’s perception seems to be reality to them.

It seems too that some scribes and outlets are so quick to put this stuff out, that they can’t even check their titles for spelling errors.

“Tiger’s ex, Steve Williams could beome an author” (see image below).

Perhaps the writer of this USA Today article or his editor can "beome" someone who spell checks? Damn I love being a blogger...

More fun media frenzy quotes:

“Tiger Woods’s Caddie Fires Back” ~New York Times

“Woods’s?” Really?  I’m no English major, but shouldn’t it be “Tiger Woods’ Caddie Fires Back?”

UPDATE: well it was a good thing I said I wasn’t an English major: “Woods’s” is CORRECT. Rule 1 Strunk & White – Form the singular possessive of nouns with ‘s at ALL TIMES except ancient names. (thanks Jay).  Once again a great case of “good to be a blogger.”

“Sacked Caddie bags Tiger”

“Tiger Woods’ axed caddie slams the former world No. 1”

“My respect for Tiger is gone – Sacked caddie”

“Tiger throws the wrong guy overboard”

“Williams: Wasted 2 years being loyal to Woods”

“If only Tiger Woods acted more like Irish golfers”

“Caddie Steve mauls Tiger”

“Another ugly Tiger divorce: Steve Williams cut loose”

“Steve Williams says he has lost respect for Tiger Woods”

UPDATE: USA Today fixed the headline and didn’t even send me a thank you…

3 responses to “How much of the Tiger caddie drama is real, and how much is the media? And can the USA Today please spell check their headlines?”

  1. Mike says:

    I hope Tiger plays in the PGA! I am sure the first and second round pairings would be Woods, Scott and Furyck!!!!!!!

  2. duckhook says:

    Furyck?!!! come on guys, the add was about poor spelling!

    Jack is the greatest golfer and will be after Tiger is done on the PGA. As long as Tiger’s physical health is in question, there will be no practice, no competitive rounds and no 18 majors.

    Just a thought. Tiger played on a broken leg at Torrey, he expedited his recovery. By doing so he may have eliminated his chance of EVER competing at the same level causing permanent damage.

    His personal life has got to be disruptive to his return…and will remain an issue until his kids are grown and he finds a girlfriend.

    let’s put things in perspective.

  3. Patrick says:

    It is just media. To bad it has to be blown out of proportion.





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