I leave tomorrow for St. Andrews, Scotland

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
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I'll be crossing this bridge in a few days!

As some of you may know, Wednesday this week I take off on a lifetime dream HOG World Tour adventure with three super cool cats including my best friend.  This will without a doubt be the biggest and most amazing golf experience I’ve ever had, and possibly the best I’ll ever have in my lifetime. One week from now I absolutely know in my heart I’ll be a changed man–a different person.  I will have played golf in St. Andrews.


Yes I’m making my pilgrimage to the home of golf.  I leave tomorrow with a one day stop in Philadelphia to join up with my best friend Al.  Al and I may get a practice round under our belts Thursday at his club, then we will fly on a red eye directly to Edinburgh, Scotland.  The flight to Edinburgh lands early enough that we will be able to make it to St. Andrews by lunch time.  It is quite possible, hopefully LIKELY that we’ll be teeing off on The Old Course Friday afternoon.  Did I just type that?  Not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Brain Not Working

I’ve been tied up in knots since two nights ago when I realized that I had two days home before I leave for this incredible trip.  Two days to figure out exactly what to bring, what clubs to trust my score to, what golf balls, how much rain gear to bring and how many memory cards for my two Nikons and one Canon camera.

I’ve had quite a hard time concentrating on writing any kind of blog post about golf gear, golf courses, the PGA Tour or anything really.  Apparently the only thing I’m able to write about right now, is the fact that I can’t concentrate as a result of knowing that over a year of planning is about to culminate at the birthplace of golf, and I’m going to share that with my best friend in the world.

Can’t Wait

I can’t wait to stand on that first tee, where all the greats in golf have stood, like Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer.  Will I be able to hit a decent tee shot on the first?  The gallery will be watching.

Can’t wait to putt on the huge double greens.  Can I putt as well on those big slow greens as I do at the fast USA courses I’m accustomed to?

Can’t wait to play the Road Hole.  Which part of the “Old Course Hotel” letters do I hit my driver over?  How will I be feeling at that point?  Can I hit a fade on demand at that point or will I be just hoping to get the ball airborne?

Can’t wait to finally meet my long time friend and Old Course caddy John Boyne.  Can’t wait to trust my friend John and do my best to hit the shots where and how he suggests I do.

Can’t wait to see Hell Bunker, up close.  If my ball goes in it, fine.  I’ll take my lumps.

Can’t wait to lose a ball in the gorse or better yet, see if I can extricate myself from the gorse if I find it.

Can’t wait to have a pint at a pub in the “Auld Gray Toon.”

Can’t wait to stand on the Swilken Bridge and pose for a photo opp like Jack Nicklaus did at his last Open in 2005.

Can’t wait to meet Sid.

Can’t wait to entertain the gallery around the 18th green with either a fine golf shot or perhaps hear them snicker, reacting to a not-so-fine golf shot.

Can’t wait to share the memories with my friends who will be there.

Can’t wait to shoot about a million photos.

Better Pack

I’d better quit writing this post and start packing…

4 responses to “I leave tomorrow for St. Andrews, Scotland”

  1. Andy says:

    Sid’s pretty excited as well!

    Safe trip over


  2. Ben says:

    St. Andrews is a great place, you will certainly enjoy it! Are you stopping at Aronomink on your way through Philly? Enjoy your trip to golfs home!

  3. Courtney says:

    Have a safe trip!

  4. Trevor says:

    I know the feeling, just took part in Tartanday Scotland Challange in April with some guest (all from SA including 2 winners) who took part in Tartanday SA Golf Challange. It was perfect including the weather.





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