Solstice Golfathon round one complete

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
Categories: GolfHOG World Tour

Greetings from I-15 just north of Vegas. We teed off this morning in near complete darkness. The pic below is of my approach shot from the first fairway.

I played well, shooting a 75 at the Primm Valley Lakes course.

Round one was complete and we were on the road to Nevada from California by 7:00am.

Connectivity in Mesquite isn’t fast, but I’ll try to post more from there. Stay tuned to the live twitter feed too, right column.


3 responses to “Solstice Golfathon round one complete”

  1. mike korologos says:

    good report. have fun. travel safely. pah

  2. BlueNumber2 says:

    Was just wondering, why start the Golfathon in California and move east? Wouldn’t it make more sense to start in the east and move west considering the setting sun?

  3. Great question BlueNumber2. Yes we would have gained about 12-15 more minutes of light going east to west. We figured that we would have enough light to go the other direction and as a result we would end the event with a 30 minute drive home versus a 3 hour drive.