Bushnell neo+ golf GPS review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, June 9th, 2011
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Bushnell neo+ golf GPS

Bushnell neo+ GPS – click for more images

My primary yardage device happens to be a Bushnell Tour V2 laser.  I’ve leaned on the laser side of yardage tracking because I like to point the cross hairs at stuff and see how far away it is, like the snack shack or the range ball picker.

But lately I’ve been really enjoying the simplicity and portability of my new Bushnell neo+ mini golf GPS.  This unit is small enough to fit in a pocket or mount onto a belt (via included belt mount) without getting in the way of comfort or the golf swing.

neo+ Features

NO FEES.  That is a biggie.  Many golf GPS devices require a setup fee, or a yearly fee or a fee fee.  I’ve taken other GPS devices to the course and excitedly powered them up on the 1st tee, only to find that I need to “subscribe” and/or pay some fee.  Quite a turn off, and that is what I ended up doing with those units, turning them off.

The neo+ comes with 16,000 courses already loaded.  Once again, I’ve spent hours on the computer searching and downloading courses for other units.

Auto course recognition.  Show up to the course and the unit knows what course you are playing.

Middle, front and back GPS distances.  The simple display gives you a big number to the middle of the green, plus two smaller numbers below for front and back yardages.

The neo+ allows you to add four custom points per hole.  You stand with the unit at one of those points, like say a water hazard, then map the point on the unit.  From that moment on, you’ll get yardages to those points.  Very cool.

The neo+ has a long battery life, up to 16 hours.  If you play golf at a decent pace, you can probably get in 3-4 rounds on one charge.

Bushnell neo+ golf gps

neo+ mouted on my belt – click for larger image


Included with the neo+ is a USB based cable and wall adapter to charge the unit with a standard wall socket.  Via the USB cable however, you can charge the unit with your computer.

The unit fits great in the pocket like I mentioned, or you can use the included belt clip (pictured right) to mount it onto your belt or golf bag etc.  See my images.

On The Course

The neo+ is always showing yardages and quickly adjusts.  Beats the heck out of looking for markers or sprinkler heads and pacing them off, saving a lot of time and hopefully speeding up play.

I’ve checked the neo+ yardages versus my laser and they’re right on, within usually a yard or two.  You can trust that the yardages the neo+ is giving you are true.


I only have one critique with the neo+ and that lies in the instant course recognition. I’ve never had the instant course recognition work.  Every course I’ve used the unit on I’ve had to do a manual search.  This isn’t too big of a deal.  The courses are in there and it only takes a minute or so to find them.


Retail price for the Bushnell neo+ is $199, but I’ve seen street prices under $150.


The size and simplicity of the neo+ are big winners for me.  Other GPS units are too big to put in your pocket and need to be mounted on the golf bag or golf cart.  It is much more convenient to reach into my pocket wherever I am, or look at the yardage on my belt.

The simplicity of the unit is elegant and perfectly functional.  No extra buttons or unnecessary features to muck up the display or ease of use.

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  1. SimonM says:

    Great review Tony…very useful. Maybe get one for Fathers’ Day!





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