Sergio Garcia presser

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 26th, 2011
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Sergio Garcia

Sergio answers questions...

Being a golf blogger can be tough sometimes. We aren’t taken seriously by certain entities sometimes, like “journalists” or organizations of professional golfers, if you know what I mean. I had one “journalist” tell me that since I was a blogger I didn’t know how to spell and I didn’t have to check my facts. All I had to do with that rude person was let him know that my traffic numbers beat his by over 3 million hits per month.

The popularity of blogs and social networking is real and we ought not be ignored. The pull and exposure some of the popular blogs have could crush the stats of some of the more “traditional” media outlets.  Perhaps that is why some of them are rude.  They’re afraid.

As a blogger I don’t have a sports network paying my bills and therefore I don’t get to many tour events. I hope to get to more in the future but finding a budget to do that is tough.

Here’s a newbie alert now that I’ve made all these preliminary statements. I just attended my first PGA Tour press conference ever. Yes, my training wheels are coming off. The presser featured Sergio Garcia as the player.

Garcia talked about the infected finger and how it forced him out of the British Open qualifier on Monday, as well as talking about the course and the HP Byron Nelson tournament. But the best moment was when a reporter accidentally addressed Sergio as “Seve” (Ballesteors) following some conversation about the late golf great.

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