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Wednesday Bryon Nelson Feed

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 25th, 2011
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Here’s a listing of all my live updates via twitter of today’s Byron Nelson Championship Wednesday activities.

Uploading over 120 photos from the Wednesday action here at the HP Byron Nelson Championship! http://bit.ly/ilq3Vc #hpbnc
1 minute ago

Pizza and beer in the media center. Guess I don’t have to leave now. #hpbnc
22 minutes ago

Chris Carnahan
@HOGGOLFBLOG Thanks for all the updates from HP Byron Nelson so far. #HPBNC
1 hour ago

Chris Carnahan
Following the HPBNC through @HOGGOLFBLOG twitter feed this week. Taking a break from usual suspects @GolfChannel and @CBSSports #HPBNC
1 hour ago

Sounds like Sergio Garcia is sore, but will be playing here at the Byron Nelson tomorrow. He’s in the featured group for tomorrow. #hpbnc
31 minutes ago

Watching Andres Romero on 18. #HPBNC
1 hour ago

Now on 17th hole, a pretty par3. Watching my tweets scroll by on the giant screen behind the green! #HPBNC
2 hours ago

Walking the course here at the Byron. A little dangerous since there’s a pro-am going on! Had to duck already! #HPBNC
2 hours ago

Current weather here at the Byron is hot, humid and windy. Welcome to Texas. #HPBNC
2 hours ago

Just toured the HP tech center here at the Byron. Hope to find out why my prints have white stripes. #hpbnc
3 hours ago

Top thee tweeters on site here at the Byron Nelson receive a VIP pass to the HP patio box by the 18th green. yfrog.com/gy33gdnj
4 hours ago

Eavesdropping in on a mini clinic by Chad Collins. #hpbnc he is flying his drivers to the grass wall at the end of the range.
4 hours ago

@courtgolf I’ll watch for Michael XM #hpbnc
4 hours ago

Watching Andres Romero on the practice green. #hpbnc
4 hours ago

Now in my station at the Byron media center! Just met @MrBusinessGolf #hpbnc
7 hours ago

@kranderson the eagle has landed in Dallas! Deplaning now. #HPBNC
8 hours ago

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