Wednesday Bryon Nelson Feed

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 25th, 2011
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Here’s a listing of all my live updates via twitter of today’s Byron Nelson Championship Wednesday activities.

Uploading over 120 photos from the Wednesday action here at the HP Byron Nelson Championship! #hpbnc
1 minute ago

Pizza and beer in the media center. Guess I don’t have to leave now. #hpbnc
22 minutes ago

Chris Carnahan
@HOGGOLFBLOG Thanks for all the updates from HP Byron Nelson so far. #HPBNC
1 hour ago

Chris Carnahan
Following the HPBNC through @HOGGOLFBLOG twitter feed this week. Taking a break from usual suspects @GolfChannel and @CBSSports #HPBNC
1 hour ago

Sounds like Sergio Garcia is sore, but will be playing here at the Byron Nelson tomorrow. He’s in the featured group for tomorrow. #hpbnc
31 minutes ago

Watching Andres Romero on 18. #HPBNC
1 hour ago

Now on 17th hole, a pretty par3. Watching my tweets scroll by on the giant screen behind the green! #HPBNC
2 hours ago

Walking the course here at the Byron. A little dangerous since there’s a pro-am going on! Had to duck already! #HPBNC
2 hours ago

Current weather here at the Byron is hot, humid and windy. Welcome to Texas. #HPBNC
2 hours ago

Just toured the HP tech center here at the Byron. Hope to find out why my prints have white stripes. #hpbnc
3 hours ago

Top thee tweeters on site here at the Byron Nelson receive a VIP pass to the HP patio box by the 18th green.
4 hours ago

Eavesdropping in on a mini clinic by Chad Collins. #hpbnc he is flying his drivers to the grass wall at the end of the range.
4 hours ago

@courtgolf I’ll watch for Michael XM #hpbnc
4 hours ago

Watching Andres Romero on the practice green. #hpbnc
4 hours ago

Now in my station at the Byron media center! Just met @MrBusinessGolf #hpbnc
7 hours ago

@kranderson the eagle has landed in Dallas! Deplaning now. #HPBNC
8 hours ago

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