Sergio Garcia WD’s from BRITISH Open qualifier

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 23rd, 2011
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Sergio Garcia

Can Garcia scratch his way into the British or U.S. Open?

In order to be eligible for the BRITISH (not U.S.) OPEN, Sergio Garcia must go through the qualification process because his world ranking is currently not high enough for automatic entry.  That qualification round was to take place today.

Garcia withdrew from his qualifier this morning due to an infected fingernail.

“Unfortunately had to wd from qualifier this morning because of an infected fingernail in my left hand. Couldn’t hold the club comfortably even after 5 holes. Hopefully I’ll be fine for Thursday at the (Byron) Nelson! Sorry guys.” ~Sergio Garcia via Twitter

A fingernail can derail a world class player’s chances to play in the Open. Speechless.

6 responses to “Sergio Garcia WD’s from BRITISH Open qualifier”

  1. martin says:

    It is not surprising that an infected finger tip could affect/inhibit your play. I had screwed up my cuticle a few months back, and that finger hurt! Plus, it felt like it was so swollen it was about to pop. I didn’t see a Dr, but I am surpised that Garcia wasn’t able to get a shot to drop the swelling and deaden the feel enough to play. I played through my injuries, and I usually take about 15 more shots per round that Sergio – but I will say that it was hard to block out the discomfort at time and so I did hit the ball differently and less agressively.

  2. I suppose in defense of Garcia, if he continued to play in the qualifier it could have jeopardised his participation in coming events, including this weeks Byron Nelson.

    However, having said that, if the said finger was that bad surely he wouldn’t be playing this week anyway?

    I haven’t followed this that closely but I know he’s been playing a lot better of late….I blame it on the claw grip. 🙂

  3. Cj says:

    This was for the british open not the us open!!! Us open quals are on 6 June.

  4. When he said “The” Open I thought that meant “THE US OPEN” haha. Geez my bad. Thankfully I’m a blogger and not a “journalist” so I can do boneheaded things like that and get away with it…

  5. cj says:

    In Europe – THE OPEN is the what you guys in the US call the British Open. I assume that in the US you call THE open your US open……

  6. I know cj, I was just kidding with you. Everyone knows “The” Open is what we call the British Open here in the U.S.





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