MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m blogging live at this week’s HP Byron Nelson Championship!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 23rd, 2011
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HP Byron Nelson ChampionshipToday I’m wrapping up loose ends, charging up all my digital golf media batteries and doing a lube oil and filter on my golf cranium.  I’m prepping for what is sure to be the most insane two week period in the history of the HOG World Tour.

First off, I’ll be teaming up with HP to provide an unrivaled blogging and social media experience at this week’s HP Byron Nelson Championship.  HOG World Headquarters will be centered in the HP hospitality suite, perched above the 16th hole of the TPC Four Seasons in Irving, Texas.  From my plush workstation next to the food and wet bar I’ll be hard at work at my HP machine cranking out the HPBNC hits.  I’ll be posting all sorts of cool content from the tournament including blogs, tweets, photos, videos, behind the scenes features and anything else I can gather.  I’d really love to show some content the normal Joe doesn’t see and the regular golf media never covers.

Live Content Stream

The content stream will be found in many places online like here on Hooked On Golf Blog, The Golf Space, the HP Byron Nelson Championship web site, as well as social media outlets like the HOG Twitter, TGS Twitter and Facebook.  At the tournament the stream will be live on huge digital screens at the tournament!  HP will have a system in place which will be live streaming the social media updates from media (like me) at the tournament as well as fans at the tournament or at home.  Fans are allowed to bring media devices into PGA Tour events now and the HP system will also be streaming fans’ updates as well.  Needless to say, there will be a social media blitz coming from this tour event on a level which has never before been reached.

HP Byron Nelson Twitter Hash

To follow the goings on at the Byron with Twitter, simply type this “hash” into Twitter’s search bar: #hpbnc  Or you can follow this hpbnc Twitter link.

If you want to post your own updates which may appear live on the boards at the tournament, just post the hash “#hpbnc” (without the quotes) in a tweet.  Keep in mind, that they’ll be moderated at the tournament so any boneheads who type inappropriate content won’t get their 10 seconds of fame.

Events & Attractions

Not only will I be providing content about the tournament, I’ll be checking out all of the cool events and attractions at the Byron.

HP has a “Technology Zone” which will have all sorts of cool high tech gadgetry for people to experience.  The zone is open from 9am-6pm Wednesday through Sunday.

There will also be another zone, this one for kids.  Inside the “KidsZone” are all sorts of fun activities like mini golf, bouncing, arts and crafts, as well as interactive games.  Maybe I’ll take on a kid or two at mini-golf and see if I can beat them out of their allowance.

Nightly concerts in the HP Pavilion include Professor D, Jack Ingram and Le Freak.

Since it is Memorial Day weekend, there will be several patriotic initiatives at the Byron.  The National 9/11 Flag will be on display in the Pavilion Thursday.  Patrons will be invited to prepare care packages for our troops in a tent on Champions Way.  1,200 VIP tickets will be distributed to local military as well as complimentary general admission to the tournament to any military member.

Much more…

There will be so much going on, I won’t be able to cover it all so just stay tuned here on HOG/TGS as well as my twitter feeds.

HP Byron Nelson Field

Who’s playing this week at the HP Byron Nelson?  Some big names include Dustin Johnson, Matt Kuchar, Anthony Kim, Vijay Singh, Brandt Snedeker, Nick Watney and Sergio Garcia.  The full field list is below.

HP Byron Nelson Championship Field
Adams, Blake Hayes, J.P. Piercy, Scott
Allenby, Robert Hearn, David Piller, Martin
Ames, Stephen Henry, J.J. Points, D.A.
Atwal, Arjun Herman, Jim Price, Aron
Austin, Woody Herron, Tim Prugh, Alex
Baird, Briny Hicks, Justin Purdy, Ted
Barnes, Ricky Hoffman, Charley Putnam, Michael
Baryla, Chris Horschel, Billy Quinn, Fran
Beckman, Cameron Howell III, Charles Quinney, Jeff
Beem, Rich Imada, Ryuji Reavie, Chez
Berganio, Jr., David Jacobson, Fredrik Renner, Jim
Bertsch, Shane Jobe, Brandt Ridings, Tag
Bettencourt, Matt Johnson, Dustin Riley, Chris
Blanks, Kris Johnson, Richard S. Rocha, Alexandre
Bowditch, Steven Jones, Kent Rollins, John
Bradley, Keegan Kang, Sunghoon Romero, Andres
Bradley, Michael Kelly, Jerry Sabbatini, Rory
Bramlett, Joseph Kim, Anthony Senden, John
Brigman, D.J. Kim, Bio Sim, Michael
Cabrera, Angel Kirk, Chris Singh, Vijay
Campbell, Chad Kisner, Kevin Slocum, Heath
Cejka, Alex Knost, Colt Smith, Nate
Chalmers, Greg Kuchar, Matt Snedeker, Brandt
Chappell, Kevin Lamely, Derek Spieth, Jordan
Choi, K.J. Leishman, Marc Stallings, Scott
Collins, Chad Leonard, Justin Stankowski, Paul
Connell, Michael Levin, Spencer Stanley, Kyle
Crane, Ben Lyle, Jarrod Strickler, Will
Davis, Brian Maggert, Jeff Stroud, Chris
Day, Jason Mallinger, John Summerhays, Daniel
DiMarco, Chris Martin, Ben Taylor, Vaughn
Driscoll, James Mathis, David Teater, Josh
Dufner, Jason Matteson, Troy Thompson, Michael
Durant, Joe Mayfair, Billy Tomasulo, Peter
Elkington, Steve McCarron, Scott Trahan, D.J.
Estes, Bob McGirt, William Tringale, Cameron
Flesch, Steve McNeill, George Turner, Jerod
Frazar, Harrison McQuillan, Matt Turnesa, Marc
Gainey, Tommy Micheel, Shaun Verplank, Scott
Garcia, Sergio Miller, Zack Waldorf, Duffy
Garrigus, Robert Molder, Bryce Walker, Jimmy
Gates, Bobby Mulroy, Garth Watney, Nick
Gay, Brian Na, Kevin Weibring, Matt
Gillis, Tom O’Hair, Sean Weir, Mike
Gomez, Fabian O’Hern, Nick Wetterich, Brett
Gonzales, Andres Ogilvie, Joe Wi, Charlie
Gordon, Scott Overton, Jeff Willis, Garrett
Green, Nathan Palmer, Ryan Wilson, Dean
Gutschewski, Scott Pampling, Rod Woodland, Gary
Haas, Hunter Petrovic, Tim Woodson, Rick
Hamilton, Todd Pettersson, Carl
Pernice, Jr., Tom Tidland, Chris Gore, Jason
Merrick, John Warren, Charles Pride, Dicky
Percy, Cameron Letzig, Michael
Janzen, Lee Lickliter II, Frank

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  1. golf4birds says:

    Congratulations on this gig!!! someday we can grow up and be like you…… I hope this trend catches on so you can bring back some cool stuff all over the PGA Tour!!!

    golf4birds- (your local fan)





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