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Memo to the pinheads who yell “get in the hole” – SHUT UP

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, May 8th, 2011
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I’m watching the 3rd round of the Wells Fargo Championship yesterday on my killer system.  Phil Mickelson is close to being a factor, but his driving is so bad that he might miss the planet if it didn’t have gravity.

Phil gets to the 15th hole, a par-5.  Right during Phil’s tee shot the “get in the hole” pinhead in the gallery does his thing and yells “get in the hole.”

Memo to pinheads who yell at Tour events

Shut up.  It isn’t cool to yell “get in the hole” or “you’re the man.”  You are a moron.  Take up viewing another sport where heckling and being a drunk horse’s ass is acceptable.

Memo specifically to yesterday’s pinhead

“Get in the hole dude,” do you realize you yelled get in the hole when Phil hit a TEE SHOT on a PAR-5?  Let me help you out since you know nothing about golf.  The tee shot on a par-5 won’t have a chance of going in the hole, because… it is a par-5 and the hole is almost 600 yards away.  It will take a minimum of two shots to get to the hole.

To make the heckler look like even more of an idiot (which I wasn’t sure was possible), Phil’s shot was awful.  The drive went in the water hazard left of the fairway.  Perhaps if the bonheaded moron has to yell something in Phil’s swing he should yell “get in the fairway.”

4 responses to “Memo to the pinheads who yell “get in the hole” – SHUT UP”

  1. Nick Chertock says:

    The last time that was funny was about 1995

  2. jim w says:


  3. CJ says:

    Get in the Hole Guy needs to be publically executed by guillotine, at which point, for the first time in my life, I can yell “Get in the hole”.

  4. daniel says:

    oh my god i agree i hear this all the time. soooooo annoying