Twist Tee golf tees

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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Twist Tee

Twist Tee - click for more images

I’ve been using some cool tees for my last few rounds called Twist Tee. These tees come with a an adjustable section which allows for customizing the height of the ball simply by twisting the top section.

Some other features include cool colors, stable ball cup (especially for windy conditions) and high strength.


The Twist Tee comes in two sizes.  The longer size is pictured here and is adjustable from 2 7/8 inches to 3 5/8 inches.  The shorter size tees it up from 2 1/4 inches to 2 5/8 inches.

On The Course

The Twist Tee has worked well in general for me. I did have a blue model break on the 2nd drive, but the white/clear one pictured I’ve used for about 3-4 rounds now. I’ve got it tweaked to the perfect level for my driver swing and the shots launch perfectly.  See picture below.

Twist Tee

My custom setting which is perfect for launching long drives. Thank goodness my fingernails are clean by the way - click for more images

The shorter Twist Tee model is good for teeing up fairway woods, hybrids and irons, but I prefer regular wood tees for irons.

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  1. 7handicapper says:

    Good morning Tony,

    I’m just new to your site, and I tried to leave a comment on the: March 29, 2011 – “Dicks buys Nickent” story, but it wouldn’t produce a comment feature.
    I was at the Dicks in my area yesterday, and they are one of the very few in the country that just received the “new” Nickent clubs (hybrids) in a #3 (19*)/#4(22*)/#5(25*). They come in the “new” black matte surface, or the standard look. Right now, they come with the Aldila Voodoo shaft showing it’s a 85 gram shaft – (factory specs show: RSV8 R .370 .630 3.4 Mid 90g 42-3.0 A)

    I probably spent 20 minutes looking at them … I kept scratching my head as I kept looking at them, and thinking: “I’ve seen these hybrids before, but where?” …. “hey, they *look like* .. aah feels like and hits like — can it be? .. the Callaway Diablo Edge Hybrid?

    Anywaaay …. the new 2011 Nickent Golf company is actually our boy of golf for many years, John B. Hoeflich, COO… I thought those new Nickent s looked familiar. :^)

    John B. Hoeflich serves as Chief Operating Officer of Nickent Golf, Inc. Mr. Hoeflich serves as Senior Director, Business Development of Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc. He served as Senior Vice President of Nickent Golf, Inc. Mr. Hoeflich has designed many successful clubs for some of the industry leading companies. He has extensive experience in golf club designs incorporating new developments in materials that is valuable as PowerMetal expands offerings in the golf … industry. As an Advisory Board member, he counsel the product development team on club designs that can best leverage the unique properties of Powermetal Technologies Inc.’s revolutionary nanometal. Mr. Hoeflich has held Senior Design positions at TaylorMade, and is the past President of LiquidMetal Golf. Some of the positions he held in his 35 years of golf industry experience include: Senior Director of Product Marketing for Taylor Made-adidas Golf, Director of Golf Club Product Development for Titleist & FootJoy Worldwide. He has helped developed such clubs as the Tommy Armour 845 irons, Titleist DCI irons and TaylorMade RAC irons and wedges. He has been a Member of advisory board of Powermetal Technologies Inc. since May 2006. Golfweek Magazine called him the King of Clubs, and Mr. Hoeflich holds 13 U.S. patents for golf club design.


  2. The system is probably not letting you comment on a subject which is so old. That prevents spammers from going back to posts from five years ago and filling them with ED spam.





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