Nike 20XI-S Golf Ball In Play Today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 15th, 2011
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Nike 20XI-S Golf Ball

Nike 20XI-S Golf Ball in play today - Click for more images

I’ve already had one test round under my belt last week with the Nike 20XI-S golf ball, the spinnier version of the new 20XI series.  That round was extremely tough though as the course had just opened following being covered with snow.  The course was playing massively long, no roll at all.  Mud ball central.  Holes which I normally would have 7-9 iron approaches were hybrids, and some I couldn’t even get home.

So today will be my 2nd test round with the 20XI-S and should give me a great idea how this ball performs.  Stay tuned.

20XI-X Golf Ball Review

I already reviewed the 20XI-S’s sister ball about two weeks ago.  To my knowledge, I’m the first to post a review the Nike 20XI-X golf ball so check it out.

2 responses to “Nike 20XI-S Golf Ball In Play Today”

  1. ralph says:

    hello are you going to update this

  2. ralph I’ve notched two rounds with this ball, both in very cold and wet conditions. Too hard to come to any conclusions as of now. The weather isn’t cooperating here just yet, but hopefully next week!