Loudmouth Golf Hot Dog Shorts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
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Loudmouth Golf Hot Dog Shorts

Loundmouth Golf's Hog Dog shorts - click for more

Hard to write a 2000 word review about a pair of golf shorts.  Wait.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I can post two pictures of my super cool Loudmouth Golf Hot Dog shorts.  Boom! 2000 words plus…

I get some funny looks and comments by people when I’m sporting my Hot Dogs around the golf course, grocery store or at the Diary of Ann Frank play the other day.

“Nice shorts,” they say.

Me, “you have to have the body for them.”

My uncle, “Where does the battery pack go for those shorts?”

My daughter, “dad you look like you work at Hot Dog On A Stick.”


Aside from the classy and elegant design of my Hot Dogs, I feel the need to mention how comfortable they are.  The material composition of the Hot Dogs is 99% cotton and 1% lycra.  Not sure what lycra is but the combination is a very soft and breathable material.

Loudmouth Golf ShortsThe button on my shorts is a different configuration than the one pictured above.  Mine have one external button and one inside, but still a two button operation.

The pockets are big and deep, which is great for holding all the cash I win from my golf opponents.

Long version and shades too?

Loudmouth Golf has a regular pant version of the Hot Dogs.  But I’m a shorts guy, so that’s why I didn’t get those.

Just a few days ago, Loudmouth announced their new sunglasses line.  The line will feature matching patterns to their pans/shorts.  Looking forward to accessorizing some of those shades soon…

Loudmouth Gallery

Click here for the HOG Loudmouth Image Gallery.  You may want to dim your computer screen or put some sunglasses on first.

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  1. golfnotesdotcom.wordpress.com says:

    I would have to kick my own _ _ _ if I wore those, jk….If you can pull them off (no pun intended) do it.