Tattoo Golf Switch Blade Divot Tool

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 12th, 2011
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Tattoo GolfI doubt they’d let me on an airplane with this thing.  The latest divot tool I have in play is the Tattoo Golf Switch Blade.


This is not a light piece.  The unit is thick and made of stainless steel.  So if you want a wimpy little thin divot tool in your pocket, perhaps this one isn’t for you.  But if you like a solid, well built product then read on.

When the switch blade is concealed, the tool is about two inches long and about 3/4 wide.  Pressing the button you can see left of the skull in the image below releases the thick and strong blade which is great for fixing all the ball marks you can find, like I do.

Triangular Ball Marker

There’s a magnetic ball marker on the unit, which also has the timeless classic Tattoo Golf skull on it.  It would be cool if the magnet on the tool was a bit stronger to hold the ball marker better though.

On The Course

I love this thing.  But then again, I love anything with a skull on it.  The unit feels great in the hand and works wonders on ball marks.

Switch Blade Divot Tool

Tattoo Golf Switch Blade Divot Tool - click for more images

I find that before putting back the blade I need to make sure it is clean.  If I leave dirt on the blades, it can get stuck the next time I try to release them.


Stainless steel, solid, black, switch blade operation, two skulls, fixes ball marks, can be used as a weapon in a bar fight (for defense only of course).  What more could one ask from divot tool?

5 responses to “Tattoo Golf Switch Blade Divot Tool”

  1. Tyler says:

    Not sure about how it is in the US but in London, Heathrow airport they didn’t let me take a similar one on the plane. It was in my sunday (spam link removed) golf bags side pocket in my carry on bag.

  2. Kevin C says:

    Looks really cool. Maybe I can win one of these if I do well in fantasy league this year so it can replace my Sumi G tool, which has already fallen apart 😉 (The magnet has fallen out so the marker doesn’t stick)

  3. Kevin all you need is a drop of super glue to fix it and you will be golden.

  4. Kevin C says:

    Tried that Tony. Let the stuff set over night, went out for round, and on second green came out again. But will try make another plan, cause it is a sexy divot tool.

  5. Hmm.. Had one come out, put a tiny drop and it has been fine for about six months! Sorry for the trouble you’ve had. Maybe your greens are really hard there…





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