Phil Mickelson WILL play two drivers, but not fade and draw setups

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
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mastersIn the live press conference a few minutes ago, Phil Mickelson just mentioned that he will be playing two drivers this week at the Masters.  He will be removing the 3-iron and hybrid from the bag as he won’t need those because of anticipated higher temperatures and shorter 2nd shots on the par-5’s which will only require 4-iron or less.

Not “fade” versus “draw” drivers

Contrary to popular belief, his drivers aren’t two different setups with regards to one being a fade bias and the other a draw bias.  The difference is that one driver is one inch longer than the other.  The longer driver will be in use on holes 1, 2 and 8, providing about an extra 15 yards of carry to clear fairway bunkers.

Not playing Tuesday practice round

Phil will not be playing in the practice round today because the conditions will be so different compared to the weekend.

5 responses to “Phil Mickelson WILL play two drivers, but not fade and draw setups”

  1. Tom - Green Ray Vehicles says:

    I too just saw this press conference. He should hang onto the 3-iron to anticipate several 2nd shots on this course. I mean, I understand that temperature should be taken into consideration, but he needs to think about the course as a whole.

    Good to know about the fade and draw drivers. I feel like I’m learning something every day!

  2. martin says:

    How far does Phil even hit his 3 and 4? He is hitting his 9 at 180, 8 at 195-200, 6 is at like 240, no? That would seem like his 4 is at 270- but then that would put his 3 at the same distance of his 3-wood, wouldn’t it? I can’t see where dropping the 3-iron means much of anything.

    To me it is inconceivable to drop his single hybrid, and if he is dropping two clubs from his bag, that must mean that he is also picking up another wedge.

    That reminds me, I am playing a 14-club event in a couple hours, and I need to pull a club from the bag this afternoon.

  3. Very good points Martin. I think the other reason not to carry a 3-iron is how high shots need to be flying to stick on Augusta greens.

  4. Dan says:

    Actually, he decided to go with the 3-iron and the one driver he’s been hitting well lately – not the two drivers he was going to go with earlier. Either way though he is an amazing golfer. Go Phil.

  5. Thanks for your comment Dan. You are correct. You’ve commented on a post from Tuesday and it is Thursday. He changed his mind today.





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