Tiger’s yacht privacy for sale? Let’s get 20 million people to chip in $1 each and buy it!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
Categories: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Yacht PrivacyThe Cost Of Privacy

The NYPost is reporting that Tiger Woods’ yacht “Privacy” is for sale with an asking price of $25 million.  The article reports that TW paid $20 million for it and he’d be lucky in this economy if he got that back.  Apparently Elin got the yacht in the divorce and gave it back to Tiger because she didn’t want to fork out the $2 million per year it would cost to maintain it.  Wow.  Them’s big numbers.

Shall We Take Up A Collection?

I’ll throw in the first buck.  Let’s take up a collection and get 20 million people to pitch in and buy the thing!  We can have a hell of a party, but it would hard to fit that many people on the thing at one time…


Apparently Tiger is downgrading.  His new boat is a diving ship he purchased for about $3.1 million.  The name of that one is “Solutude.”  I get it.

Leave Me Alone

At this rate, in 4-5 years Tiger will be buying a row boat for $323.04.  That row boat will be named, “Leave Me Alone.”

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