Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid – First Look

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 25th, 2011
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Here’s a first look at the Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid. This is a good looking club and the head cover is awesome. I’ll be putting this thing into play for a few rounds and posting a review soon. I have a bunch of images of this nice looking club in the HOG Adams Gallery.

Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid

Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid - click image for more

One response to “Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid – First Look”

  1. martin says:

    The Tech V3s are taking over my golf group. The first set appeared in mid-December. The second set (mine) appeared on Dec 24th, the third set on Dec 26th, and the fourth set two weeks ago. Half of us have the full hybrid set and half have the set with half hybrids, half cavity back forged.

    Mr. Fourth Set did the same as I, unwrapping clubs during play. And like me he was very pleased with the result. My first strike was with #6 hybrid from the fairway of #1 right to the center of the green.

    My set is the full hybrid set – and the mid hybrids/wide soles for #7 – Gap wedge took some getting used to – partly this was due to winter cold and winter wet conditions – Lately, overall I have regained some ball striking with the irons which were plaging me with the old set (X-20s). But right off the bat, the 4,5,6 hybrids have been pure gold. The one problem I have right now, is that the 6 is SO easy to hit, I am starting to build a gap between #7 and #6. I have also supplemented this set with a Adams Super Hybrid #2 (19-degree). That #2 replaced a Callaway X-5W which I tended to fade and lose too much distance, the Adams Super Hybrid I am hitting very well almost every time (The Super Hybrid has a little more size and weight than the Tech V3s)