Fix With Mix

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 24th, 2011
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Fix With Mix

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Having worked in the audio world, owning and running a recording studio for 25 years, made this product name funny to me. Whenever bands sucked, vocal parts were out of tune or drums were off in their timing, we’d always say “we’ll fix it in the mix.”

Now that I have that almost completely unrelated comment done, Fix With Mix by Starting Time Golf is a golf accessory which some golf purists my dig, so to speak. It is a portable divot mix carrier which you take with you and use to fill divots.  There’s a hook on the side which allows you to attach the unit to your golf bag.  The unit will also perfectly fit in a drink holder of an electric golf cart, pull cart or push cart.

This is a good idea, in that walkers don’t have a way of filling divots.  They don’t have divot mix which may come standard on an electric cart at many courses.

I can imagine this thing being a bit of a tough sell because it is a bit bulky, at a one quart capacity.  But I like the idea of promoting that players fill in their divots and not be schmucks.

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