Fat Free Golf Swing

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 24th, 2011
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Fat Free Golf Swing

This drill helps alignment and downard striking of the ball. Click image for more views.

The Fat Free Golf Swing Trainer is a what is also referred to as a compression board.  There are a couple of useful drills built into this unit’s functionality.

Green Line & Penny

This setup involves placing a penny in the unit between the ball mount and the target.  The green line is aligned with the target line and provides a visual aid for swing plane and club face alignment.

Hit the shot, concentrating on trying to hit the penny.  This helps you “hit down” on the ball, which is where more ball compression is gained and longer distance.  The drill also helps train you not to hit behind the ball.

Fat Free Golf Swing

This drill helps prevent hitting behind the ball. Click for more images.

U – Compression

By using the U shaped section you can train yourself not to hit fat shots or hit behind the ball.  Place the ball in the U shaped area between the forks.  Practice not hitting the board behind the ball.

Drills I thought of, being a hack

If you find it hard to catch the very center of the club face think of this.  By placing the ball to the near or far forks, one could practice bringing the club squarely on the ball as well.  So if you shank shots, place the ball near the far fork.  If you usually hit toe shots, place the ball near the far fork.  Try not to hit the forks.


One response to “Fat Free Golf Swing”

  1. Isaac says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the review. People always bypass the fact that we include an additional putting aid with the Fat Free Golf Swing Trainer. A theory exists that it’s easier to aim at an object sticking out of the ground than it is aiming at a hole. The putting aid was designed for people to aim between the tees placed into our putting aid.

    I can’t reveal much now, but in the near future, our putting aid will definitely get some attention. Thanks again for the review & take care of your back!





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