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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 24th, 2011
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Remember on the Hank Haney Project show where he had Rush Limbaugh hitting shots and trying not to hit the plastic behind the ball?  That’s one of the applications for the $49 Compression Board.

Compression Board

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Full Shots & Chips

The U shaped compression board is a tool to help prevent fat shots, working on striking down on the ball, and aligning properly.  There are measurements on the forks to aid in deciding where to place the ball based on level.  The levels go from 6-pro.

I found the unit was more helpful for my chipping, since it is so bad.  It really helped me get the club on the ball without hitting behind it.


On the putting green the Compression Board can serve as a help as well.  Using the lines in the forks can help with alignment of the club face and feet.  Lines on the sides and middle rear help with aligning along the target line.


The folks at Compression Board made a little video which is on YouTube.  I giggle a bit when I listen to the accents (perhaps Canadian, aye?) and the theme music isn’t very good, but the info on the unit is useful.  Video below:

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  1. teengolfworld says:

    This looks like a great piece of practice equipment that is easy to use and will help a lot of people make better more consistent contact. If you make better contact, you will play better golf because you will be more consistent. Golf clubs are designed to compress the ball, not hit the ground behind the ball, and golf balls are designed to be compressed by the golf club, and work best when they are. This looks like a great, easy to use practice aid that can help golfers of all abilities make better, more consistent contact.