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Brush Caddy

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 24th, 2011
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Brush Caddy

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Here’s a Brush Caddy.  This is a golf accessory which can help out mainly on the practice range.  The Brush Caddy mounts right into the ground at the range, and gives you a mini club cleaning station.  You can hit shots and clean your club faces without even having to move from your range spot.


The advantages of something like this are saving time, gauging range shots better as the club is clean and the ball is flying true, saving wear and tear on clubs and staying focused on the practice session.


The copper bristles on the outer edge can bend outward and get shabby during transport and rattling around in the trunk of the car.  A carrying bag or something which protects the bristles would be nice.

One response to “Brush Caddy”

  1. teengolfworld says:

    I have to say that while I still prefer to use a tee on the golf course to clean the groves on my clubs, this looks like an interesting tool that could be used when giving your set of golf clubs a more detailed cleaning job. You play best when your clubs are clean, because thats how they were designed, with clean groves. So it makes since that you would practice your best when using clean groves.