Ace in our group yesterday!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
Categories: GolfHackers

Guy aceWhat a magical first round back from all the injuries and winter snow.  I finally played my first holes, hit my first golf shot in 2.5 months yesterday.  I joined up with my buddies Guy Lester, Luke Swilor and Dan Crookston for my regular Tuesday league.

On hole #12, Guy (profile name golf4birds at The Golf Space) hits a pretty 7-iron.  The shot was a nice draw which hit about 15-20 feet short right and released toward the hole.  It was looking good.  Luke was yelling “cocktails” and I was yelling “I want a beer. I want a beer.”

Then it WENT IN for an ACE!

Congratulations to my buddy Guy.  He has endured a lot to get back to playing, including neck surgery, blowing out his knee and getting knee surgery etc.  Bravo.

Now where’s my damn beer?

Video highlights below
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