Woman who wasn’t allowed in men’s golf event wins discrimination suit. Augusta next?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, March 19th, 2011
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Massachusetts golfer Elaine Joyce filed suit against Dennis Pines golf course for $500,000 for not being allowed to play in a men’s amateur event.  She claimed that her civil rights were violated and that she was humiliated.  She didn’t win the half-mil, but she did win her case, $15K and most of all set a precedent.

“This sets a precedent, so no one has to go through what I went through. They violated my civil rights and those of every woman in the town of Dennis.”

Peanut Gallery Comments

No word whether Joyce is consulting with Martha Burk regarding becoming the first female members of Augusta National.

If the precedent is set, does that mean that men can play in women’s tournaments?  Why don’t we see law suits from men stating that their civil rights are violated by not being allowed to play in women’s events?


6 responses to “Woman who wasn’t allowed in men’s golf event wins discrimination suit. Augusta next?”

  1. JD says:

    It all comes back to that “anything you can do I can do better” mentality that some people have. There is in entire group dedicated to woman’s golfing, it’s called the LPGA – this woman should play there. Why is it that in an age of equality women “must” be allowed into areas that used to be exclusively for men, but the reverse isn’t true? Doesn’t the man who isn’t that good, but still wants to compete deserve to play in a competitive arena? And if that arena is the LPGA, why is that TOTALLY unacceptable?
    How typically hypocritical.

  2. jiminwasaga says:

    yes a precedent has been set… , lets get some men out into the womens event , see the whining begin…

  3. East Coast Golf Sales says:

    @jiminwasaga – Agree completely. If a woman can play in a men’s event – why can’t a man play in a ladies event? Where are we going to draw the line? Personally – I think Augusta has every right to only invite members that they choose – men or woman.

  4. Douglas James Young says:

    I agree men should be allowed to play in a woman’s events but only if they wear SKIRTS!! No make-up required cause they (the women) hardly ever ware it.

  5. martin says:

    One big difference between Dennis Pines and Augusta is that Dennis Pines is a municipal golf course. This looks like it was a tournament being run and sponsored by the course (and thus, the town) itself, not by a private club who was buying tee times for the tournament. I can’t see in that case where they could discriminate – and in fact, the town actually ended the mens only events 4 months before this lawsuit was filed and tried to settle through arbitration because they agreed with the woman.

    Augusta is private, and can discriminate any way it wants. Augusta will accept women when they decide it is time, or when they decide they want to bow to pressure, but not because a judge will say they have to. – I am guessing it will probably be fairly soon that Condoleeza Rice and Annika Sorenstam are likely new members at Augusta.

    I actually don’t see a problem with Annika, Michelle, or any golfer who wants to compete in the PGA. Everyone plays from the same tees anyway.

  6. 22man says:

    As a male, I agree. Sign me up for all the women only competitions.





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