PGA Tour wives reality show – zzzzzzzzzzz

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
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PGA Tour Wives

Tour wives - click to enlarge

Don’t we have enough reality shows already?

I’ll admit that when I heard of the reality show idea featuring wives of PGA Tour players, I had to close my mouth hard to prevent the barf from exiting.  What is even more fun, is having to swallow it again.

I’ve meant to post about this dumb idea, but after reading my buddy Jeff Palopoli’s blog Good Walk Spoiled and his opinion piece on the subject, I’d just say “here here” and tell you to go read that.

All due respect to these fine women, I think they’re missing the boat if they want any TV traction at all by leaving out the one wife who could draw men to watch the program.  She would be the new wife of Hunter Mahan, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

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