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I’ll admit I watched the Charlie Sheen broadcast, which sucked.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, March 5th, 2011
Categories: Miscellaneous

I got sucked into some of the humorous tweets and the #tigerblood comedy on twitter by Charlie Sheen.  I admit it.  Knowing a local guy who was funny and intelligent who got totally sucked into the world of drugs made me relate to it a bit.

Then I found out Sheen would be doing a live broadcast tonight on some web streaming site.  SO what the hell.  I tuned in.  The viewers started out at about 80K and bumped up to about 125K.  I tried to watch it for as long as I could but it was so boring I couldn’t watch anymore.  Sheen was there with three sidekicks who were trained to laugh when he laughed and say “winning” when he said winning.  They’re like little Sheen minions, or “Shinions.”  By the time I decided to bail, the viewers had dropped to 85K.  So there was a spike of curious people like me who came, saw, got bored and left.  As my buddy John said, “Sheen is losing viewers faster than he loses his kids.”

Charlie Sheen live webcast fail

Charlie Sheen's debut webcast sucked. #winning ? No. #fail ? Yes.

I’d hoped to see Sheen snort five feet of cocaine, or sacrifice a virgin, or do some sort of nutty circus act.  Instead the whole thing was an epic fail.  It was the sort of thing you could only be entertained by if you were stoned.  #fail #tigerblood #notfunny

The highlight of the broadcast happened just before I left, when Sheen said “We’re out of material.”  Yup.

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