The Hip Check

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
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The Hip CheckThe stream of golf gadgets hitting my doorstep is endless. I can’t possibly wade through all of them, but I’m trying.

The Hip Check

If you have alignment issues and can’t seem to lay a club down on the ground to help you figure out if you are aimed right, then maybe you should look at The Hip Check.

The Hip Check hooks onto your belt or your pants above your hip bone and shows where your hip is pointing in an effort to get you aligned properly.

The one drawback to attempting to use this alignment tool would be if you naturally fade or draw all of the time and you have to set up open or closed in your stance to compensate.  In that case, the Hip Check would be aligning to the line you want to start the ball out on, not the intended target.

Retail Packaging

Here’s an image of the Hip Check in its retail packaging:

The Hip Check

One response to “The Hip Check”

  1. Chris Patton says:

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for taking a look at the HipCheck! We discovered a different use for the product at the recent PGA show that your readers may be interested in. Basically, a number of the PGA pros who saw the HipCheck said they would like to use it not only for alignment, but to train proper hip rotation.

    It turns out if you put an old grip on the pointer, now you’ve got a great visual aid to correct over or under rotation. And if you move the HipCheck so it’s now pointing about 45 degrees from where you are aiming, it becomes a tool to make sure you clear your hips. If you don’t, your forearm will hit the grip on the pointer. There is a better video explanation on our website.

    Chris – The HipCheck