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Inifinite Solutions stainless steel water bottle

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
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Infinite Solutions Water Bottle

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I have a killer water bottle thanks to my pals at Infinite Solutions.  This bottle is made of 18/8 304L stainless steel.  For those who aren’t up on their stainless steel, that is a good one.  High quality stainless steel has an extremely low corrosion rate which makes the bottle great for beverages which are high in minerals, vitamins, magnesium etc.

The bottle comes with three lids:

1. Sports Pop Top

2. Twist off with carabineer clip

3. Golf ball lid, with included golf ball (how do you not go with this one?)

Insulated Case

The bottle can attach directly to a golf bag via the carabineer, or if you were to attach the included insulated “cozy” case.  The case has logoing, a carabineer to attach to the golf bag and a section where you can put in some golf tees.


For more images of this bottle, check out my Infinite Solutions gallery.

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