Nike Golf final sponsor – 2011 HOG Space Fantasy Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, February 16th, 2011
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I’m happy to announce that I’ve nailed down the final sponsor for this fantasy golf season:

Nike Golf

Everyone give a warm welcome to Nike Golf.  Nike will be providing one of the new VR Pro Drivers (below) as a prize for this year’s HOG Space fantasy league!

Sign up now, free and get a chance at winning this driver and a TON of other killer golf gear.

Nike VR Pro Driver

HOG Space Fantasy Golf Prize - Nike VR Pro Driver!

Good luck winning this thing.  I’ll be gunning for it myself.

Complete Sponsor List:

Club Sponsor: Nike Golf – VR Pro Driver
Putter Sponsor: Dornoch Putters – Hand made putter from Scotland by Grant Mackay
Golf Ball Sponsor: Bridgestone Golf – Golf balls
Shoe and apparel sponsor: FootJoy – MyJoys and FJ outerwear
Accessory Sponsor 1: Frogger Golf – Brushes, towels, divot tools
Accessory Sponsor 2: Sumi-G – golf shag bags
Accessory Sponsor 3: Tattoo Golf – misc accessories
Accessory Sponsor 4: Tornado Tees – cool golf tees

I’m calling it right now, this is the best lineup in HOG Space history! I rule!

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