Tiger Woods fined for spitting. Though finishing with a 75, he’s the real winner in Dubai.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 14th, 2011
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Tiger Woods spitting in Dubai

Tiger Woods spits on the 12th hole in Dubai.

Tiger Woods must have learned some spitting techniques from Sergio Garcia.  He spit on the #12 hole in Dubai and was subsequently fined by the European Tour.  The amount of the fine will not be reported, but I’m guessing TW can afford it.

“Tournament director Mike Stewart has reviewed the incident and feels there has been a breach of the tour code of conduct and consequently Tiger Woods will be fined.” ~European Tour statement

Apparently Tiger was spitting up a storm while moving himself from one shot behind the lead to a final positions of seven shots back with a final round 75.

“You look at his work ethics and he is a credit to the game and an inspiration to all of those who are trying to become professional golfers.  But there are some parts of him that are just arrogant and petulant.  Somebody now has to come behind him and maybe putt over his spit. It does not get much lower than that.” ~Sky Sports announcer Ewen Murray.

Tiger is the real winner in Dubai

Why is Tiger the real winner in Dubai?  First, it was reported that he pocketed about $55 million for his fees for the billion dollar golf development in Dubai.  It was announced last week that the development was halted due to the economic conditions and the golf course would “return to sand.”

Tiger is also the winner of the tournament because of his $3 million appearance fee.  His appearance fee is far greater than the winner’s check, and is more than half of the total purse for the tournament.

5 responses to “Tiger Woods fined for spitting. Though finishing with a 75, he’s the real winner in Dubai.”

  1. Leslie Ealey says:

    Arrogant and petulant? You forgot uppity. When Tiger first arrived on tour, he had to overcome all of the catcalls and snide remarks about what kind of menu he would request after winning the Masters. He overcame that crap and excelled. I, especially enjoyed watching Phil Michelson be derided for not beating Tiger week after week. I loved it. The expressions of disappointment. Phil suffered, even though he always finished well. Tiger Woods is not dispicable because he cheated on his wife. It’s a common thing especially among higher income or powerfull. Tiger will rise again and go on to destroy the Jack Nicklaus majors record. You know? I’ll be so glad when my generation is dead and gone. Good riddance.

  2. Leslie I didn’t forget anything. That was a quote by someone else…

    Thanks for the comments though. Always interesting to hear the perspectives of other people on TW.

  3. Atlanta Roofing says:

    That’s a brilliant comment…­.”If baseball players can spit, so can Tiger.” How about, “If murderers can kill, we all can kill.” “If demo-derby drivers can run into each other, than we can on the highways too.” Those makes just as much sense. You’re confusing apples and oranges.

  4. I didn’t know this until today, but in Dubai spitting in public is very offensive. In fact you can be fined.

  5. Orlando Golf says:

    I don’t understand why spitting is so offensive. But I understand it’s the rules of the game. They were broken, he is fined. It shouldn’t be such a huge deal.

    – Lightman





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