Starter Coin

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 10th, 2011
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Starter Coin

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When most golf groups are trying to determine who has the honor on the first tee, they throw a tee on the ground and whoever the tee is pointing toward has the honor. Throw it a 2nd time to pick the 2nd player and so on.

If you want a more “elegant” way of accomplishing the same thing, and only having to do it once rather than throwing the tee several times, check out the Starter Coin.

Along with being an honor “decider” (thanks Bush), the unit can be used as a large ball marker, or a smaller magnetic ball marker inside the coin can be used.


There are a few optional phrases you can choose, like “that’s how I roll” and “no putts, no glory.”

$12 shipped

At $12 shipped, this isn’t exactly an inexpensive “decider” when a simple golf tee could do the same thing, but the construction and look of the coin is nice.

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