Active Wraps – A company with supernatural powers? ESP?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 10th, 2011
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There are some events which are entertaining coincidences.  There are some coincidences which are so freaky, you can hardly believe there isn’t some other sort of supernatural force at work. The latter happened yesterday.

Active Wrap

Active Wrap elbow wrap was waiting on my doorstep the day I injured my elbow!?! Woa.

As many of you who read this golf blog know, I separated my shoulder almost three weeks ago.   I’ve been recovering and the pain level is bearable.  I’ve got 75% of the function back in my right arm now. I’m confident enough to go out and about without my sling now.

So I’m at a store yesterday and I need to put something in the middle passenger seat of my van.   And as was pointed out on my Facebook page, yes I no longer have a sports car.  That was two wives and three kids ago… But I digress.

I’m loading some stuff into my van with my right arm.  I didn’t realize that I failed to open the door far enough for it to catch and stay open.  So the van door slid closed and hit my right elbow so hard, it brought me to the ground in pain.  Yes, of course it was the elbow of the arm with the separated shoulder.  There’s a part of your elbow which has no meat around it.  Just a few layers of skin and then bone underneath. That’s where it hit.  Kill me now.

Active Wrap

The wrap and two thermal pads

I get home, and as is normal there are some boxes on my doorstep; the normal stuff, some golf clubs and a bunch of golf accessories companies send in for me to review. Lo and behold, one box is from Active Wraps. What was inside took me aback.   Inside that box was an elbow compression wrap, complete with two thermal pads which could be frozen or heated depending on the treatment needed.  Within 20 minutes of incurring an elbow injury, I had an elbow wrap on my doorstep.

Supernatural or simply a coincidence?  You be the judge.

I’m currently using the elbow wrap for my bum elbow.  It is helping to reduce the swelling and elbow pain, as I’ve frozen the thermal packs and am using them like ice packs.

As a golfer, I’ve suffered from some pretty bad cases of tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.  There is a difference between the two and if you are really unlucky, you’ll have both like I did.  The Active Wrap elbow system will surely help if and when those golf elbow injuries flare up.

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