Live Blog – Dufner and Wilson in playoff at Phoenix Open

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 7th, 2011
Categories: PGA Tour

12:42pm ET – Unfortunately Tommy “Two Gloves” couldn’t keep it together enough to get into the playoff at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Jason Dufner and Mark Wilson have tied in regulation at -18 and have just tee’d off in the playoff.

Jason Dufner has found the right rough with his tee shot and Mark Wilson has found a bunker right of the fairway. Wilson is actually in better shape, being able to get more club on the ball. The pin is very difficult to get at for both players.

12:47pm ET – Wilson’s 7-iron from the fairway bunker has caught a piece on the left side of the green but he’s very far from the pin, which is deep right.

Dufner’s 8-iron was a good shot, but trickled through the green a bit. He’s much closer. Advantage Dufner.

12:50pm ET – Wilson’s putt is a good one, just missing and going past about 3-4 feet.

Dufner has a chance to record his first win on the PGA Tour. Oh, he just came up short.

Wilson must now make a knee-knocker par putt to extend the playoff. Barely under five feet. SOLID putt goes right in. Very good.

12:54pm ET – Playoff hole two is the par-4 10th.

Wilson is teeing off with a lofty fairway or hybrid. He finds the short stuff. Dufner hits a 3-wood into the left rough.

1:00pm ET – Dufner gouges it out of the rough, finding the green deep left.  Pin is mid right.  Wilson is 159 in the fairway, 7-iron.  Good swing.  The ball never left the pin, looks to be about 7-10 feet.  Advantage Wilson.

11:05pm ET – Dufner’s long birdie putt is quite a bit short.  Wilson now has a putt to win.  This is a green light special putt.  And…  YES it goes down.  Mark Wilson wins for the 2nd time this season.

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