2011 Battle Of The Golf Blogs Movie Trailer Released

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
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After an all night session of cutting up HD video tape with a dull razor blade and splicing it back together with impact tape, I’ve finally published the promo trailer for the soon to be hit movie Battle Of The Golf Blogs.

This year was to be a tie breaker year between myself and Dave Lair, the Orlando Golf Blogger.  Unfortunately I had to withdraw from the tournament.  I didn’t withdraw because of personal and PR issues with me and Natalie Gulbis like Dustin Johnson did, I withdrew because I separated my shoulder in a freak ski crash five feet from my car in the parking lot at Alta.

Competitor #2 was my buddy John Duval from Into The Grain.  John is a hell of a stick, and can hit a long ball.

Competitor #3 was my pal Rob Hayashida from Sandbox8, one of the web’s best.  Rob is a good guy and a great golf blogger.

Many thanks to our hosts for the 2nd year in a row, Falcon’s Fire Golf Club, for putting up with our taking over the golf course. Thanks to the course marshal Anthony for not kicking me out when he caught me chasing the indigenous life forms around with one arm in a sling and a GoPro HD cam in the opposite hand.

For those golf bloggers who were going to come and couldn’t make it, your loss.  Start planning on BOGB4, “Golf Bloginator Four – The Redemption” next year.


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