Behind Bridgestone Golf’s live media at the PGA Show

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
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My buddies at Bridgestone Golf were doing some cool stuff at this year’s PGA Show.  They had live webcams all over their booth, showing the action, the golf stars stopping by and the live ball fittings etc. But where was all that live digital media being collected and distributed to cyberspace?  Check out my quick video below.

5 responses to “Behind Bridgestone Golf’s live media at the PGA Show”

  1. Joe Vivona says:

    Tony – that was me – I’m the guy in the the back in the blue shirt who ran the streaming video equipment at the Bridgestone booth. It was a very cutting edge move by Bridgestone and took some very savvy marketing people to be willing to put the booth live on the Internet for the duration of the show. Had a great time, can’t wait for next year.

  2. SO you are the one working on the laptop with the glasses?

  3. Heather Cmbie-Vivona says:

    Very cool to see my husband at work! Bridgstone did a fabulous job with the booth involving very creative and effective uses of technology! The live stream was great!

  4. Joe Vivona says:

    Tony – yes that was me in the glasses running the video equipment. Along with Tim R from Technology One, we supported the streaming video and the live social network feed that you saw on the smaller side LED boards at the front of the booth. The same social feed was used on the web site (and it’s still available) using our Engage! product which allows you to search across all the social networks, see who is talking about topics you want to listen for and then approved the things you want to and show them to your customers or internal marketing/sales teams. Very very Cool use of social networking and interactive with customers by the Bridgestone marketing team.

  5. Well Joe it is nice to meet you sort of. Also glad to provide your wife with proof that you actually work, hehe.

    Perhaps our paths will cross again and we can say hello again.





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