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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 24th, 2011
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Bridgestone Golf xFITx Golf BallNow that my arm is in a sling, I’m sitting here on my couch looking out the window at the green grass wishing I could play golf.  Normally the local courses would be closed right now, but we’ve had some warm weather and they’re open.  I guess the closest I can get mentally to playing, is reliving a great round of golf I had a few weeks ago.  That round featured the Bridgestone xFIXx golf ball.

About the xFIXx

The Bridgestone xFIXx ball is designed for “recreational golfers.”  My interpretation of that is a golfer who plays occasionally and is about an 18 handicap.  So perhaps it isn’t the best ball for me, a low handicap who plays 100+ times per year.  Or is it?


The ball has a low compression “gradational” core.  “Gradational” means the core varies in density from edge to center.  The lower compression of this golf ball helps slower swing speed players gain more distance because they can compress the ball easier.

The gradational core also produces a higher launch angle with less side spin, which increases accuracy.


Bridgestone uses a newly formulated Ionomer cover on this ball.  This softer cover is what gives the player control and increased spin in the short game.

The cover’s dimple pattern contains less dimples than many golf balls.  This ball has 330 dimples.  The cover also does not have a seam, which many golf balls do.  This is what Bridgestone calls “seamless” technology.

Bridgestone Golf xFITx Golf BallOn The Course

I came into the round with this ball having low expectations.  I figured this ball would be a lower performance “hacker’s” ball.  By the end of my round, which was a very pleasing 73, I had a different opinion.

I found the ball to feel great on full swings and full compression shots.  I do have a slower swing speed, maxing out at about 103mph with the driver.  I could compress the ball well with driver and through all of my irons and had plenty of distance.

The cover feels a bit different than the covers of what would be called high performance golf balls.  It does feel a little harder to the touch.  But I was able to get some great spin and control in my wedges and short irons, stopping the ball very well on shots inside 150 yards.


I did have some shaving of the cover on my clubs with square grooves like my gap, sand and lob wedges.  Before putting I would have to pick the shreds of cover off the ball to make sure it rolled true and that the roll wasn’t effected by the pieces of the cover sticking up.


For around $20, it is hard to go wrong with a Bridgestone xFIXx.  For the average golfer as well as lower handicap players, this ball is capable of high performance and helping a player shoot lower scores.

One response to “Bridgestone xFIXx Golf Ball”

  1. Steve Rossa says:

    I’ve been playing Bridgestone golf balls for ther last 3 years. Their products always seem to deliver as advertized.





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