AimPro helps you aim, like a pro presumably

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
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AimPro GolfEver notice that Tiger Woods and many other good golfers draw a straight line on their golf ball?  They do that so they can have a good visual alignment aid on the green (and sometimes from tee as well).


AimPro is a ball sized ball marker which helps players visualize lines and get their golf ball line lined up.  Wow does that sound like English?  The AimPro has a line which helps line up the line on the ball which is supposed to be lined up on line with the line of the putt.  There, that “line” is better.

All kidding aside, if you have a line on your ball and you’re not sure you have it lined up (oh no, here I go again) correctly, the AimPro system can help.  Theoretically it may be easier to get the line on the marker set correctly than a spherical ball.  So you get the line on the marker set right, and then line the ball’s logo or alignment “art” up with the marker.

Once the ball line is set right and you’ve removed the marker, you can then match the alignment marks on your putter (if the putter has them) with the line on the ball to help with the stroke and putter path.


If you have issues getting your golf ball lined up and consequently missing putts, the $9.95 it would cost to buy an AimPro is not much of a risk.  And if you make a few more putts as a result, you may win back the $9.95 from your betting buddies.

One response to “AimPro helps you aim, like a pro presumably”

  1. Marcus Blake says:

    Right on Tony,

    After reading your blog I thought, What If?

    As a professional golf instructor I feel one of the most important rules for me to remember is to always stay open minded, and, sometimes you never know who you might be talking to…
    In May of 2009 I gave a gentleman a golf lesson at my course near Denver, who proceeded to explain to me about a putting aid he had invented that can be used on the green while playing a round. He said that by “lining up the ‘thick black line’ down the center of his ‘brite white alignment ball marker’ it would help my students lower their scores by 2 to 3 stroke per round.”

    Now, how many times have I heard something that?

    My student P.J. said “while trying to lining up your line of putt, the problem is that it is more difficult to line up a line on a sphere than it is to line up a line on a flat round surface. After you line up the line on your AimPro Ball Marker with the line on your ball and you then line up the line on your putter with the line on your ball your confidence level rises allowing you to focus more on a correct tempo through your putt.”

    Well, he was right. Since then over 250 of my students now use the AimPro Alignment Ball Marker and 100 % of them have lowered their scores using AimPro. I’m now the professional golf consultant for P. J. Desrosiers, the Founder & Inventor of The AimPro Alignment Ball Marker and we just finished up a more than successful PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando beyond our wildest dreams. We have multiple tour professionals excited to use the AimPro Alignment Ball Marker on tour and more golf instructors than we can count are now teaching with and percribing the AimPro Alignment Ball Marker for their golf students to use.

    The USGA and AimPro Golf are prepared for the excitement that will surround the use of the Aim Pro Alignment ball marker at sanctioned tour events. The AimPro Alignment Ball Marker Conforms with the USGA rule of golf..

    What if the AimPro Alignment Ball Marker can cut a few strokes off your game. Would it be worth $9.95 to find out?

    What if I wasn’t open minded enough to listen to P.J. the inventor back in May of 2009?

    Marcus Blake
    Professional Golf Instructor





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