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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 14th, 2011
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Is it just me, or has the golf world seemingly become more like an episode of Jersey Shore?  It seems like half the headlines these days from the golf world are about golfers’ personal relationship issues.

Gulbis Johnson

Lately there’s been word, though not a peep from Dustin Johnson, that Natalie Gulbis and DJ are dating.  After that word was made public by Natalie at the Tour’s season opener, DJ surprisingly canceled his appearance in the Sony Open to head back home and take care of some “personal” things.  Many media outlets are speculating that DJ may not have made the break from his former live-in girlfriend and that is why he had to head home rather than playing the Sony.  Based on the weather, DJ may be thinking that was a good idea to bail on the Sony anyway.

The golf world, especially TaylorMade/adidas would love to have these two in the spotlight. Their gear would be featured every time some golf TMZ outlet did a story on them.

Names for the couple is a hot topic.  Golf Channel announcer Charlie Rymer came up with a good one, “D-Nat.”  “Gulbis Johnson” sounds like some sort of male growth problem.  Other possibilities include “GulbDust,” “DustNat,” “JoNat” and “TaylorMates.”

Tiger Prowling Stalking?

The National Enquirer (yes, such a classy publication I know) is reporting that Tiger Woods broke into Elin Nordegren’s house to read her diaries and go through her personal papers.  I doubt this is true, but if it is that is crazy.

Tiger’s Mistresses

Of course, there’s the constant flow of bizarre news from the wacky Tiger Woods’ mistresses.  One day some mistress is opening a salon called “Tigress” and the next another one in rehab or on some low life reality show on TV.  The latest, Mindy Lawton (the “busty” Orlando Perkins hostess) was booked into jail for drunk driving.  She’ll be in the can for a year.

Rory McIlroy

Much has been posted about the breakup of Rory McIlroy and his long time girlfriend Holly Sweeney.  They began dating when Rory was 16 and Holly was 14.

And that was only two years ago… haha.

All joking aside, there’s been quite a lot of fun twitter bantering between McIlroy and Lee Westwood about what McIlroy has to do now that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.  I’ll leave it at that and let your imagination take you down whatever road your mind prefers.

McIlroy wasn’t going to play very much on the US PGA Tour, so he could spend more time with Holly.  One wonders if he’ll spend more time in the US in 2011 after this breakup.

On another Rory McIlroy subject, is it just me or does Rory look like Paul McCartney?

Kandi Harris Mahan Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Any excuse to post a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader picture...

Hunter Mahan

Some good and non-Jersey Shore news in the golf relationship world comes from Hunter Mahan.  Hunter and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Kandi Harris will be tying the knot tomorrow in Dallas.

Best HOG wishes to Hunter and Kandi Mahan for a long and happy marriage.

Speaking of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

Ah yes.  Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders…  I remember when I was a teenage boy, about 14.  I had a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader poster in my room.  Those were the good old days.

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